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(Chinese) New Year, New Me.

Hello, welcome to a bloody millenial blog.

Alright then! Will be using this as an ‘about’ more than anything.

My name is Charlotte, I’m 24 (25 tomorrow), working and living in London as a marketer. I can’t have gluten, not mega about lactose, really like plants and candles and budget meals that feel fancy though. I’m in a constant bitter war of whether or not I like going to the gym (if I like it, why am I then not going?), I only use twitter when I’m really angry, I put too much weight on instagram.

I like wellness? Essential oils, making your home a nice space, slow food, self-care etc.

I am sober! Since 31.11.18 (just over 2 months bay-beeey). I love telling people how much better I feel since I quit drinking, so there might be a fair bit of that on here. As a side-effect of sobriety, I also enjoy music and drawing again so there’ll be a bit of that too.

Feminist for sure, learning more about being a proper ally as the days go by. Politically left, not big on Brexit tbh. Could be some of this sprinkled around.

The more I think about what this blog will include, the more painfully aware I become that there are probably around 5k+ people with my exact interests, personality and desire to blog within the M25 ring road alone. Do you get why it’s called Milleniality ~

But! I’m not ashamed. This is just a decent zone to document some very nice things, and very important thoughts that I might just completely forget otherwise. You can expect:

  • Food bits (I promise you I will not put the recipe at the bottom of the screen) 
  • Wellness/mental health bits
  • Exercise from a very lazy person’s perspective
  • Thoughts on sobriety
  • Social political items, opinions
  • Self-care questions and suggestions
  • Me showing you my plants
  • Professional work thoughts (loose focus)

Ok, lots of love,

CK x