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10 things to do on a Self-Care Sunday

Oh bollocks, it’s Sunday! Everything went so quickly this weekend and now I don’t want to go back to work, I’m not ready, I actually feel a bit sick-

Stop! You don’t feel sick, you just haven’t had enough time for yourself for what is a so-called rest period of the week. Quick, start running a bath and do some of the below, and turn your stressful, too-fast sunday into a..

Self-Care Sunday!

10 quick ways to feel more ready for Monday

1. Have a proper, actually nice bath – this includes candles, music (not something on netflix that you’re binging – if you’re putting on Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you’re doing it wrong). Even science says it’ll chill you out.

2. Doodle something small – like my doodle above! Pick a few nice words, or a good plant, or a nice part of your house, and draw it – aw hell, you can even do Eat Pray Love if you want, it’s Self-care sunday!

If you don’t want to doodle to relax because you think you’re shit at doodling, try these

3. Check in with loved ones – give them a call, round up the week, see what they’re planning for the week ahead. Sharing is caring ~

4. Wear your nice pajamas – It’s really hard to not feel like a hungover trashbag when wearing knackered clothes. Silky, fancy pajamas will make you feel like you’re luxuriating even if you’re snaffling the last of the doritos.

Nice pajamas = self-care.

5. Make tea/some kind of beverage, properly – enjoy it, strain it, mix it, whatever you need to do. Even make a nice cocktail kinda thing (mocktail in my case which is just bloody juice), but take your time and use your nicest mugs!

Easy mocktails right here party people

6. Exercise, but not like a lot – We all know the difference between a mega workout and a workout designed to make you feel like you technically did a workout. Do lots of stretching about so it seems elegant, or just do a quick set of core workouts while you watch TV – they might not even do anything but you’ll feel chill.

Self-Care: The little book of life-hacks by Yumi Sakugawa is a great guide to sundays
A very good book for relaxing – The Little Book of Life Hacks, by Yumi Sakugawa.

7. Read, if you want to – switch off your mind by floating off elsewhere with a good fiction book, or if you’re not great with fiction grab one of those reflective kind of self-helpers or something to help you feel reflective and focused inward. Get mindful, basically.

8. Plan main week stuff – I can’t sleep on sundays unless I’ve done this. I get stuck on particular worries or concerns otherwise, or that I’m going to forget things, or even that it’s just all too up in the air. Honestly, writing out some stuff you’re going to do, whether it’s budget, intentions, meals, it feels like you’re taking off some of the emotional energy of the week.

Meal Planner template (ugly but effective if you don’t wanna do it by hand!

9. Lower your lights – come on people, we’ve read the little book of Hygge. Try and get away from endless scrolling, light your candles (again I do honestly love candles), turn off the big main lights, snug AF. Drink the tea from 5.

10. Don’t panic – sunday happens every week! I tend to get a feeling of anxiety at the end of the weekend like I’ve wasted it.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m not even working and I feel like I’ve not done enough with my special, precious weekend. If you go to sleep a bit later to feel like you’ve got everything ready for Monday, that’s ok!

Go get in that bath,

CK x