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Reminder: Take time for yourself

I consistently burn myself out – it’s just my way of of operating, I can’t succeed without pressure. Millennials especially have a tendency to feel pushed to always be doing something (our hours are crazy, our social lives are busier, the pressure on our heads is higher, we’re pretty stressed, on average.)

I don’t know if it’s the sobriety giving me a bit more self-assuredness or what, but recently I’ve found it a lot easier to just say ‘no’ to things. It’s actually kind of liberating!

Even the most social extrovert needs time to just shut down, switch off, and recuperate. Give yourself a break, take a night of the week to practise self care, turn off your work email, cancel a plan if you have too. Check in with yourself, and don’t feel bad if you need to go into lockdown to get yourself back on track.

Some helpful resources for those of us who might be less-than-skilled at spending time by ourselves:

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