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5 quick ideas for drawing the day away in lockdown

Guess who’s suddenly very not-busy!

I’m not gonna mess around with this post so it’s probably going to be super short, but just before we begin:

Nobody cares if you’re ‘bad at drawing’ – some of the best artists in the world are super lacking in what we’d call ‘technical skill’

Drawing is good for your mental health – it relaxes the mind by distracting you from day to day life whilst keeping you stimulated creatively.

You can use whatever materials you want – I honestly rarely use anything other than black fineliners to draw, but just grab what’s in your house/what you can get at the supermarket when you go over for a shop.

Let me know if you try any of these! You can tag me on on Insta, or DM me with your tries.

1. Take a selfie. Draw yourself in 20 minutes, then in 5, then in 1.

This can be pretty funny but it’s genuinely a great way to start identifying how you draw – where you focus etc – as well as what features you see most in yourself. Mine are pretty telling:

2. Look outside! Pick a square of space, and draw it however you like.

This one’s great for starting to understand perspective and your own concept of space – draw an imaginary ‘square’ around the part of your view that interests you. Again, you can use pencils, paint, pens, whatever for this.

Can you spot the square?

3. Pick an animal – draw it in one go, don’t take your pen off the paper.

Ok I don’t have an example for this one as I haven’t tried it yet during the lockdown – but! It’s genuinely quite funny, and a lot harder than it seems. I always expect mine to look really minimalist and arty, but they just end up mental. I especially want to know if you try this one.

4. Pick a quote and a font – bonus points to illustrate it.

I love doing this when I’m totally out of ideas – you don’t have to be brilliant at typography either (for example, I sometimes use a font generator like this that allows me to just copy the style). Keep the illustration simple but clear, and see what you come out with!

5. Do 2 paintings – then blend them together with collage!

Bonus points if you have a quarantine pal who can do one, and you do the other. I love this because it gets you used to seeing what works and what doesn’t, and honestly it helps me to feel less precious about my art. Tear it up and mix it back together! In the one below, I added additional collage pieces over the top as well:

Ok! That’s it for me. If you’re looking for more resources on boredom removal and self-care during this time, check out the below, or follow me on Insta at

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Lots of love,

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